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What we do?

We produce eco-friendly decorative panels for covering walls and ceilings with effective design solutions. Possibilities are literally endless – just use your imagination!

The products are well suited to use as a comfy wallboard at home, as an accent in the office or in a restaurant or as an interesting detail to use in modern furniture. Many Estonian noted artists, designers and architects have been involved in designing and developing these products. The technology to produce the panels has been worked out by an Estonian company EmotionWalls OÜ.
The decorative panels can be ordered either polished (greased, ebonized, enameled) or unpolished. In our variety of materials we use only the highest quality wood: oak, walnut, cherry tree, beech tree, ash, maple. The material comes 70% from the Estonian forests, however to increase the assortment the materials are also brought in from Germany, Sweden, Ukraine, Belarus and the USA.
EmotionWalls panels are natural, warm and unique. Due to using natural materials every EmotionWalls wall panel and pattern is one of a kind.
Our mission is to offer our clients natural products of high design which support the close-to-nature environment, value wood as a qualitative eco-friendly material with its natural and unique qualities.


Make your room more unique within a few hours all by yourself! The installing of the wall panels is easy and fast so anyone can do it.
If you have found something congenial from our products, contact us and we will make an agreement on how to get the products into your interior most conveniently. We are also ready to offer our solutions to your special wishes together with our architects and designers!