EmotionWalls - Decorative wood panels with emotions!

EmotionWalls is a team of unique people,

whose goal is to produce decorative wood panels with a unique touch. We create solutions that combine warmth, coziness, and closeness with nature and natural materials together with timeless design. We are motivated by the opportunity to create solutions that are sustainable and high quality. We are proud of what we have already succeeded, at the same time being equally excited about the future, because of our good ideas and people.

EmotionWalls cares about the environment

We have an interest in design and interior design, but more importantly, we value sustainability, the environment and the value of wood. Waste of raw materials and materials inevitably goes hand in hand with design and quality. It is like a fee to be paid, because quality must be a priority or vice versa - a quality product cannot be affordable and widespread. We are here to confirm the opposite - the decorative wood panels created by EmotionWalls are high quality, affordable and environmentally sustainable. We value wood and do not waste it.

EmotionWalls is versatile:

The product series we have created tolerates both, the winter frost and the heat of the sauna. EmotionWalls decorative wood panels are suitable for:

For saunas


Check out our collections here or email us so we can send you a physical catalog and product samples. Follow us on LinkedIn. Together for sustainable and timeless design!


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